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Aluminium too heavy - Injection moulding too weak?

Now what?

[July 2020]

Are your aluminium parts too heavy to further increase product performance?
Are your injection moulded parts too weak to withstand further increase in performance?

Have you tried to implement composites in your products and failed, because you have not been able to source your parts in the desired quality, in the required quantity at an acceptable price point?

Tune in to do a deep dive with us into the possibilities of high volume manufacturing of complex composite parts.

New ways in composite manufacturing

[July 2020]

What if you could make your products lighter and thus more efficient? How about using carbon? It’s a material much lighter than aluminium but at the same time very stiff and robust.

If you have thought about using the advantages of carbon in your product but so far you have failed to implement your idea economically – then our webinar will open new possibilities for your product ideas!