QUALITY MANAGEMENT - High-quality serial production

Our processes – from the fibre placement on our large embroidery machines to the RTM consolidation – are increasingly automated. Thus, the geometric orientation of the fibres is consistently very precise and above all constant throughout the whole production volume. The most important process parameters are supervised and documented all the time. Highest quality, outstanding surfaces and very low error rates are the result.

Qualified and continuously trained staff control the parts according to product-specific inspection plans after each process step. Thus, the requirements of the specifications agreed with you are met throughout and you will always receive perfect parts. Additional destructive and non-destructive tests guarantee a constantly high quality of all components.

Since July 2018 we have been certified according to the internationally accepted ISO standard 9001:2015 for quality management. Our high quality and reliability result from the steady process orientation. The regular examinations and audits within the framework of the ISO certification guarantee the constant analysis and optimization of our processes – in order to maintain our service and the satisfaction of our customers at a high level.